Enhanced Preparation for Arabian friendly Baseball and Softball Tournament

كتب : ebsfegypt
2019-11-16 02:11
Regarding to the importance of training for all participating teams for tomorrow Friday 18th of October, with honorable appearance for Japanese coaches.

It has been decided that:-

-All participating Teams (Egyptian, Yemeni and Libyan) Attendance should be on 4:00 pm instead of 3:00 pm.

- First game will be: Libyan Team VS Yemini Team for both men and women, Game (A).

- Second game will be: Cairo Team VS Giza Team for both men and women, Game (B).

- The final game will be: Winners in Game (A) VS Game (B) for both men and women.

Our schedule will begin at 4:00 pm. However, the games will start at 5:00 pm till 7:30pm tomorrow Friday 18th at Ismail Elkabany at Abbassiah Near to Bdo Basha Subway Metro station.

All Teams should have full training clothes for this tournament (Sport hat – T-Shirt – black sports trouser – long socks).

These friendly games is decided based on training purposes to prepare for a big friendly Arabian Tournament with (Egyptian , Libyan, Yemini and Sudanese) Teams which will be planned tomorrow.

As we also request from all the federation members and as well as the Council for Board, to attend before 5pm.

We promise you with a very big, delighted and honorable surprise for all Baseball and Softball family in Egypt. We will announce it tomorrow.

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