The first Baseball and Softball Corona Virus confrontation Championship (virtual)

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2020-04-12 23:04
The first Baseball and Softball Corona Virus confrontation Championship (virtual)
The first Baseball and Softball Corona Virus confrontation Championship (virtual) In the sequence of preserving the safety of the Egyptian baseball and softball family, their families, friends and colleagues, and within the framework of following up the implementation of the precautionary measures package taken by the Egyptian government to confront the Corona virus, in order to stimulate communication between all, develop their individual and collective capabilities, create a spirit of cooperation, and strive to take national responsibility to protect the individual and society. And by the initiative and under the supervision of Counselor Ibrahim Mohamed Sharif, the Egyptian Baseball and Softball family organized The first Baseball and Softball Corona Virus confrontation Championship (virtual) in which the teams of (Alexandria - Cairo - Giza) participated, boys and girls and all age groups. In which each team prepared (my film from my home), which is a video report on the player, and by relying on self-capabilities only, using computers or mobile phones and under the supervision of the heads of regions, coaches and referees in the governorates. The individual and team participation were very featured because it achieved the goals that were set by the Federation Board of Directors and published previously on the Federation page and its official website, Prizes were allocated to the winning teams, which are cups for the teams, medals, certificates and discretionary gifts, which will be distributed in the first championship organized by the Federation on the ground. After the evacuation of the pandemic Corona, which is close to our beloved Egypt and all countries of the world. The winning teams - Girls The first team - Alexandria The second team - Giza The third - Cairo The winning teams - boys The first team - Cairo The second team - Alexandria The third team - Giza The participation in the second Baseball and Softball Corona Virus confrontation championship (virtual) will start at Saturday, April 11th, 2020, under the title of (My Film from My House). By making a vedio report on tournaments, festivals, visits and special meetings to spread the game and expand its base ... Which is organized by the Federation in the Egyptian governorates. It is also possible to take advantage of the videos approved by the International Federation of Baseball and Softball, by letting each participant explain the law and describe the match with his voice and enter the sound effects on his film. The deadline for receiving reports for the second competition is nine o'clock in the evening on Thursday, April 16th 2020. As for the individual results of the first competition, they will be announced soon, and after the committee of the media professors, whose names are listed below, decide the selection of the first three winners (boys - girls) at the level of the Republic: - 1- The media professional, Amal Masoud (Egypt) - -Vice President of the Egyptian Radio -Chairman of the Board of Media Clubs -Chairman of Al Amal Initiative board -Head of the media committee established to support the official campaign and support state institutions. -Chairman of the Women and Children Committee -The leaders' Foundation, affiliated to the Council of Ministers -Vice President of "our good morals" initiative 2- The Egyptian director, Professor Alaa Nasr - -Founder and president of the International Kam Film Festival for Short Films -Theater specialist in the Ministry of Culture and General Committee of "Cultural Palaces" -Former Director of Saint Catherine Culture - South Sinai -Founder and chairman of the Egyptian Arab Association for Culture, Media and Arts -Founder and head of the theater troupe (Amal Al Masrah) -Cinema and theater director specialized in directing celebrations and festivals -Specialized in preparing and training actors 3- Iraqi director Professor Jaafar Murad (UK) - -An Iraqi director, who has been living in Europe for years -Holds a Master's degree in cinematography, screenwriting, photography and montage, 4- Iraqi director Professor Iyad Jabbar (Iraq) -Chief Executive Officer of the "Ronata whithing moubt haous" group -Director of the Festival "Film against terrorism" -Director of the Erbil office for the channel (Hona Baghdad) -Technical director of "Cinema Supports Women" festival -Founder and president of the Syriac Film Festival -Member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate -Member of the Kurdistan Artists Association -Member of the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate -Member of the Iraqi Radio and Television Union

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